About this site: Why did I start this blog? Simple. I wanted to become insanely rich. Not! I mean, while that would be very, very nice actually, my main goal is just to share my observations about pop culture and life and maybe even get some feedback and responses in return. Plus, I am just too opinionated to keep all my thoughts bottled up inside so instead I’ll keep it real. I will tell you how I feel with honesty and candor. I won’t pull any punches but I will try not to be abrasive or rude either. Still, if you like your blogs with a side of sass, you’ve come to the right place.

About me (Daphne): What can I say? Hmm… Well, I’m 31 going on 15, or sometimes 31 going on 58, depending on the day! Today I feel youthful enough to re-create this blog! I am quietly ambitious, TV-obsessed, a book worm, a music lover and I “stan” for Melissa McCarthy and Kelly Monaco. I have been known to randomly burst into song in the shower or just when I’m walking down the street. Oh and my favorite food is … everything that’s fattening! 🙂

Please note: This blog was formerly hosted at Weebly . com but I have since seen the light and realized that WordPress is a pretty kick-arse hosting service. So here we are. My old posts are archived here. I hope you’ll enjoy the features of this site as much as I do!


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