Mama Says … Let’s Talk About Time Management!



That class I took entitled “Get Organized and Have More Time for Yourself” offered some great ideas, but somehow I haven’t found more time for myself. I hope Senor Acosta, the instructor, doesn’t find out that I have failed the time management portion of his class. You won’t tell will you?

In the class we were taught that we need to carve out an hour a day for “me time”, or even more. An hour?  Sounds good, doesn’t it? On a rare day I manage it. Most days “me time” is a pipe dream. Why do you think it has taken me so long to write this blog article? It has been on my mind every day, but getting it from my mind to the keyboard has been a different subject. I love blogging and hearing from you all. So how come what I want to do is often pushed to the side in favor of the dishes, the laundry, taking the dog to the vet, and more? I am sure your lives are just as busy. It seems we are in high gear from the time our toes put the slippers on in the morning to the time we take those slippers off at night, crawl into bed, and die!

Why is that? Why can’t we find that precious time for “me?” It truly is as important to recharge our batteries and do what we want to for a bit as it is to make sure the batteries in our flash lights are working. We need to take care of ourselves and renew our spirits in order to take care of everyone who needs us. It’s that old thing with the oxygen masks on an airplane. In order to help your child you have to put on your oxygen mask first.

I am thinking that maybe I just need to start small with a half hour of “me time.” Surely, I can find that. I know I spend a bit of “me time” when I read my inspirational books and study my scriptures. That is very refreshing, I can honestly say. But what about time to read other books? What about time to blog?

I would be happy to hear how you find time for yourself. Share, please!

    I know that getting organized saves time in the long run. I am not a sloppy person. Everything has its place. However, I have learned how to save even more time in small ways. I got some of these ideas from Senor Acosta and some from a book I happened to espy while, guess what, working at the library bookstore? 

Senor Acosta said that we have too much stuff sitting around taking space and that clutter can drag us down. I think more people than him have said that. I sure know that clutter makes me crazy (crazier than I already am, right?). Are you keeping things you consider to be heirlooms or treasures that you intend to pass on to someone in the future when you are too frail to enjoy them? His suggestion – why not give them to that person now so they can enjoy it? Do you have things lying around the house that you haven’t used in a year (this is not referring to Christmas or Halloween decorations)? Are you thinking that maybe in the future you might need them? If it has been over a year, the likelihood you will eventually use “it” are mighty slim. Sell it, give it away to someone who will use it, or donate it to the Amvets, Deseret Industries, or Salvation Army Thrift stores. (I vehemently objected when he told to get rid of my book collection. Arrrgh! He didn’t believe that I will re-read the books. Ha! I have my favorites and as I read new books I pass them on if they don’t set me on fire. I am doing what I can, Senor Acosta.)

He really harped on developing a personal filing system that works for you. Are your warranties for appliances scattered around the house? Have you got your insurance papers in one place and your utility bills in another? Do you remember what is where? It may take some time in the beginning to get organized, but how awesome will it be to go to one place and find what you are looking for in a snap? Saves more time than scratching your head and rummaging through who knows how many piles.

When you are fixing dinner and you are looking for the lid that properly fits your bialetti pan do you have search a couple spots only to find it is shoved in the back of that endless cupboard? I have had that problem. What a waste of time not to mention wear and tear on the arthritic knees when you have to get down and your hands and knees and reach for that lid. Well, thanks to the writing by the Organized Homemaker there is a simple solution. Buy a dishpan or other container that allows you to store all your lids in one place. I did that and have my lids arranged from smallest to biggest. When I want a lid I just slide the container out a ways and voila! I can easily grab the one I want.
When putting the silverware in the dishwasher put the spoons together, the forks together, the knives, etc.  Sounds obsessive compulsive? Nope. You need a spoon for your cereal grab it right off from the dishwasher. Emptying the dish rack? It really does save time when you can put the silverware away in the right slots without having to sort them. Little time savers can add up to a little (more) “me time.”

The Organized Homemaker and my favorite house management lady, The Fly Lady, have an awesome way of de-cluttering and cleaning up. Will share that in the near future.

Honestly speaking, I know that working night shift is not conducive to “me time.” Sleep is broken up and not enough sleep time either, in my opinion. Sleep can be hampered by the usual noises made in the day, the sunlight, whatever. I know I am often very tired. So I may have a little “me time” but I want to spend it napping. I am optimistic that I’ll have more energy and more “me time” when I switch to the day shift. There will be a lot of adjusting, as well, but I’ll be sleeping at night. Hopefully, by sleeping better on a routine I will find more energy and I will find “me time” amongst the daylight hours. Wish me luck!

Blog You Later! Keep in Touch. We love hearing from you.
          (And I promise that I won’t let so much time go by before I blog again.)


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