Mama Says … Lend a helping hand



It sure is nice to be able to give to help others in need.

     It is past time to share another one of my favourite charities with you. This is something we all can do and it will only cost you postage.
     Have you heard of St. Jude’s Ranch  for Children?  It is an orphanage in Nevada that takes children in need of all ages, including teenagers. They run a really good program where the children receive schooling, clothing, a good place to live, and practical skills, such as learning how to earn an allowance or working with horses. I discovered them by accident when I was reading a book some years ago on charities. How to spot a good one. How to determine if the majority of the money is really going to the beneficiaries  or to employee wages and overhead. Even ones that can be supported with very little money on the donor’s part.
     St. Jude’s fits all three. Curious as to how to help? Let me tell you. Do you buy products with the “Box Tops for Education”?  Simply clip those, collect them, and mail them to St. Jude’s.  The box tops can be turned in for computer equipment, school supplies, etc. St. Jude’s turned the label into a van to transport the children. Pretty awesome, right?
     If you have school aged children you may be saving the box tops for their schools. That is cool, too. You can help in another way, though. Do you receive birthday cards, Christmas cards, or any other type of greeting cards? I am sure most of us do. Do you hate to throw them away but don’t know what to do with them? (You’re reducing clutter, remember?) Here is a chance to give them a second life and make someone else smile.
     The children at St. Jude’s will take your old greeting card fronts and make new greeting cards. They sell these and that is one way they earn allowance. One year I bought a set and they were really cute. Here’s what you do. Cut the front page with the picture off the card. Keep it in a large envelope. Recycle the rest. When you have a full envelope seal it and mail it. That’s all there is to it. There are two card brands they cannot take because of copyrights – Hallmark and Disney- so don’t send those. Also the inside front of the card cannot have any writing on it. (When I’d run out of room I’d write there, but since knowing the card isn’t usable when I do this, I write my blah, blah, blah on a separate sheet of paper.)
     You can always buy a set of the cards if you are interested. I honestly can’t remember how much they are, but I know I didn’t pay big bucks.

Ready to help? Here’s the address:

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
100 St. Jude’s Street
Boulder City, Nevada

     Who know that helping others could be so easy? I really believe that giving to others makes the world go around. And you really can’t feel bad when you are doing right, right? Keep Smiling and Sharing !
                                          Blog You Later!
                                         PS – Thank you!


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