Mama Says … Be careful out there!




Daphne and I have recently experienced a couple of unusual firsts in our lives. One is rather comical and the other, downright scary.

You know when you have some information to share with someone, say an employee, and there is good news and bad, you try to figure out what you should do first. Bad news first and make them feel better by giving them good news at the end? Or good news first to make them feel at ease and then deliver the bad news? I guess it can go either way depending on the situation. So what does this have to do with the firsts in our lives? Well, should I do the comical story first and then the serious, or vice versa? My father has this expression: Always leave them laughing.” So I guess I will start with the serious one as a cautionary tale for all you good folks out there, and finish with a little humor.

My daughter, Daphne, (I am sure you know that she’s my daughter by now.) purchases a fair amount of things on the internet. She has never had a problem until she made one recent purchase. She found someone on Facebook who could make edits of a show she was interested in and so Daphne ordered from this woman and paid her a fairly large sum for what she wanted. This was back in early April. She waited and waited and no product arrived. She contacted this woman and very nicely asked when the product would come. Each time the woman made an excuse. First excuse, it’s taking a little extra time. Okay, that’s believable. Second time, going on vacation for 13 days and when I get back I will finish them and get them to you. The edits never came. Daphne’s requests for the item or a refund went unheeded.  Finally, Daphne just wanted the problem over with so she asked for her money back and canceled the edits. No reply from the seller.  Last weekend she sent the seller a straightforward message telling her to refund her money by a certain date and all would be forgotten, otherwise she would take them to small claims court. As Daphne will tell you it wasn’t the money so much as the fact that this woman never kept her end of the bargain.

This woman fired back an e-mail threatening to harm Daphne. Her e-mail said, “Don’t’ mess with me, b—h! Don’t forget I have your address and I know where you live. I’ll mess you up.” Is this really okay to say to someone? Can you believe some people? So, now because of the threat of harm the police are now involved and we are contacting PayPal and Facebook. I don’t know where this is going to end up .I can only hope and pray that this shyster  is just blowing hot air and  has no real intention of acting on her threats.

The point to this story is to keep yourself safe. Only order things through people who have earned a good reputation and have a high level of customer satisfaction. If you smell a rat, go with your gut, and don’t order from or contact them. It is really true that your first inkling, instinct, or gut reaction is the advice to follow. When Daphne ordered the edits from this crooked woman she thought it was odd that the seller requested the payment be listed as a donation, and had a couple of other unusual requests. Daphne’s first reaction – this is strange. Why would she want to do it this way? Sadly, my daughter didn’t go with her first reaction.  Unfortunately, Daphne’s suspicions were true. Please don’t get yourself in a situation like this. It is rather frightening.

Now, on the lighter side… I received a Dear Jane letter and it wasn’t even from a guy! It was from a pen pal! Can you imagine that? I have never been dumped in a letter, text, or e-mail before by anyone for anything. But as they say, there is a first time for everything. (Actually this woman also Dear Janed Daphne as well since they were pen pals, too.)  In her “I’m dumping you” letter she said she enjoyed my letters but she was reducing her pen pal list and so she wrote me out of her life. You know it is serious when someone sends you your address labels back! My offense:  I had taken too long to answer her letter and she felt it showed a lack of interest and devotion on my part. She made it clear that she finds a little time each day to write so why can’t I?

From her letters she is the mother of two wonderful children, happily married, and she goes to the movies frequently because her brother works at the cinema and can get her discount passes. I am happy that she gets the joy of being a stay-at-home mom. I would have loved that when I was raising my children. She made it clear that she was very busy. I believe it.

In my last letter I had apologized for the delay of 1 month in writing to her. I explained I had been sick for a bit there and was finding that life was a little hectic with all that was going on. Let’s see. I work full-time on the graveyard shift, I spend time with my grandchildren whenever I can, my own two children have a lot going on, I volunteer at the library twice a month, and I am very active in my church. In addition, I have been working overtime lately to try and get our finances under control. So, Pen Pal, I am busy, too,

She signed her name at the bottom of the letter and in bold script and underlined (You know it is serious when someone underlines things more than once.) she penned the famous line: No Reply Needed. Yowsa! My children and I are still laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing.

Dear J (aka No Reply Needed); I would recommend a course in tolerance and forgiveness for you. And I hope that it would contain a lesson on not judging people without walking a mile in their moccasins. (And, yes, Pen Pal, I do have moccasins. They were a gift from my dear daughter that you also Dear Janed.) I did enjoy writing to you. I do hope your other pen pals are more “devoted” than I was and that you get all the letters your little heart desires. Just thought I’d let you know how silly and infantile you are.  Remember, life is too short to let little things like this ruin you or a relationship. Best of everything to you and your family.

PS: J – Right back at you: No Reply Needed!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July. Blog you later!


2 thoughts on “Mama Says … Be careful out there!

  1. Lynn

    Ugh–I’m so sorry that happened. That’s the scariest thing about buying online for me. You never really know who or what you are dealing with. I occasionally buy from individuals, but I try to use people who are associated with sites so the sites will hold them accountable.

    I sincerely hope this woman is prosecuted. She’s clearly a person that thinks she’s above laws. It might do her some good to be set straight.

    Your pen pal story is hilarious. The fact that she took her time to basically fire you speaks volumes as to how little life she actually has. I just had a conversation with a friend who informed me that she could never quit work because she’d be bored all the time. Bored? Must be nice…. I’ve got a house that needs to be pressure washed, a few loads of laundry, and two dogs that need baths. My scars have finally healed from our last bath battle, so I’ll happily let her take a crack at it. The sad part is I’ve been off this week. People like this clearly don’t have enough to do.

  2. Vicky

    Dear Lynn,
    I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am new to this blog stuff and didn’t know how to reply. I have also been busier than my former pen pal would believe. But then she wouldn’t have tolerated my excuses. She’d fire me again! Thank you for your delightful comments. Life does get busy, and sometimes unexpected things pop up and they take over your plans. For example, I had to have my car smogged in order to renew the registration. This was taken care of and the misinformed guy at the smog place told me I could either pick up my tags at the DMV office or wait for them in the mail. Well, I waited and waited – no tags. The temp registration was due to expire Thurs. So off to the DMV officeI went on Wed. I’m optomistic so I think I’ll breeze in there, show my papers, get the tags, and be out of there in 10 minutes. Ha! Am I naive or what? I am pretty sure the lady at the tag window got joy out of tellling me I had to get in line and get a number. No appointment, long line. I guess I was lucky that I had thought to bring my crossword puzzle book because I was there for 2 hours!! If I hadn’t had that I may have gone postal. What a waste of a coveted day off! Oh, well… They could have told me I had all the wrong stuff and had to start all over.
    Your friend who doesn’t want to ever quit working because she’d be bored is unusual, to say the least. I am sure her boss really appreciates her, but yowsa! I have had retired people tell me that they are busier now than they were when working. There is so much to do and enjoy. I’ll be working till I am 95 out of necessity, but if I come upon a windfall maybe I’ll go sit on the beach with a good read and sunscreen. And then…
    Hope you have been enjoying your summer and sustained no injuries from bathing the dogs. Again, it was a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for visiting. And come again. You are always welcome.

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