Robin and Patrick are an amazing couple


This is a blog article by a very good friend of mine. I received permission from her to re-blog this. It’s such a good read! Very well thought out and explains why Robin the character is very loved.

General Hospital blog


Their history and why I love Robin

Robin and Patrick were another amazing couple that went through many heartbreaks but always ended up stronger than ever. I’m going to explain the important aspect of their lives. I’m going to explain how Scrubs used to be and how the current show changed them. In the end, I will also list the 10 reason why I love Robin Scorpio-Drake. Patrick and Robin have been through so much together and their love for each other has grown so much during the years. Their story has lasted for 8 years. We have seen them go through their good and their bad times. We have watched them fall in love, break up, reunite, have a baby and get married.

Patrick and Robin met in December 2005. They didn’t like each other right away but in time you could see how they started to have feelings…

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