Mama Says … Let’s Talk About Saving Money



Saving money.

Doesn’t that sound like an impossible thing to do in this day and age? Many people’s budgets are strained to the max and somehow putting money aside for a rainy day or a vacation or college, etc. doesn’t seem feasible. I am here to tell you it is possible. Believe me, I am doing it. Now I am not saying I am putting away enough money for a summer cruise as that would be an out and out lie. But the point is I am putting a few bucks away each pay day. That is more than I have done in a very long time. (Or if I was a valley girl, “Like a way long time.”) Let me share a couple of things I have done or am doing plus some awesome ideas that I got from the debt management book I had been reading. (Debt-Free on Any Income by Lyle and Tracy Shamo.)
There is a very wise old saying, and one I predict most of us ignore than obey, that goes like this: The best way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket. The simplest, maybe not the easiest, is to just hold off on spending that extra few bucks calling you from your pocket or wallet. One way to do this is not impulse buy. Think about your purchase for 48 hours and decide if it is something you really need or have to have then go ahead. If not, save it and you are already ahead.
Separate wants from needs. What do you need to survive and what would be an extra? I am sure that my body thinks I need that sack of Hershey’s kisses down on aisle 8, but my head and the scale know differently. I have to be strong and say “no” to the cravings, especially when I know that the few bucks I am saving can go toward petrol for the car or in the bank to earn interest.

But shopping is so much fun! I know that is what has gotten me into the deep doo-doo I am still mired in. Limiting ourselves does not mean don’t enjoy life, it just means be wise, trim the fat (which has so many meanings in my personal life), and think about the future.

There are a lot of TV lovers out there. My son loves movies and Daphne loves TV. So how then could I cancel cable? I canceled it and we are all still alive. You can get movies and TV shows on line. Even a monthly membership in a movie service is way less than the monthly cable fees. In actuality, it has given us more time together as a family, allowed us time to explore our talents, and there is less of a din raging in the house with the TV off. We actually found that we have more time by not sitting in front of the screen for hours. We have also become selective in our entertainment choices because we want the best for our time and aren’t just satisfied with whatever is airing at the time.
Canceling cable is not your idea of a good time? Maybe cancel one of the premium channels. That can save a few dollars. Or pass on that sack of Hershey’s kisses that is yelling out your name and put that money in your savings account. I realize that with inflation a penny saved is pretty insignificant, but what about $3.99 for the chocolate?

Do you have an affinity for crafts? Do you knit? Are you good with a jig saw? Why not turn your craft into a secondary income? Just think, you can make some “pin” money (another expression of my father’s) doing what you already enjoy doing?

Daphne and I have literally just started an independent business called “Sugar and Spice Designs.” We listed our first item on ETSY a couple of days ago. We are making greeting cards from scratch. (Darn cute if I say so myself.) I also knit beanies, make hand-poured soap, and bath salts. In the past I have sold quite a bit of these items, except the cards. Those are a new venture for us. Why it has taken me this long to start selling again, I can’t say. Probably the old proverb applies, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” We are thinking of hosting a little party featuring our products and serving some homemade goodies.

Let me share some money saving tips with you that I gleaned from the above-mentioned book.

1) Drive at a safe and reasonable speed and avoid fast starts and stops. Believe it or not you can save as much as 50% of the energy needed to run your car.

2) Running the air conditioner is more fuel efficient that driving with the windows down. (My children will be happy to hear that. I can’t stand using the car AC thinking it costs more.)

3) Slow down. By reducing your speed from 70 mph to 65 mph you will save $5 for each hour of driving and about $10 if you drive a truck or SUV.

4) Donate things you are no longer in need of or have not used in 1 -2 years. (That’s the rule for clearing out clutter, so say the experts.) Donate books to the library for resale. The money raised helps library activities. Donate clothing and household items to a thrift store like Deseret Industries, Salvation Army, or Good Will.  Estimate the value of your donation based on what a thrift store might charge. Get a receipt and you can deduct the value from your taxes.

5) Get a little exercise at the supermarket. Look for items above and below eye level. Sometimes you will find the best deals there.

6) Buy small gifts at the dollar store.

7) Remember those old Christmas Clubs at the bank? My parents used those faithfully. My siblings and I were blessed to be spoiled at Christmas. Banks may not offer them now, but set aside some money just for Christmas. Open a savings account and leave enough to keep it open for next year when you are done making your purchases.

8) Maybe the best advice yet. Be happy with what you have. An incredible amount of time and money is spent trying to impress other people who don’t really care. Be grateful and happy for what you do have and enjoy it. Remember the famous adage, which is quoted frequently around our house, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

It isn’t easy always to tighten the belt buckle or the purse strings, but think about the fact that you are living within your means. The weight of debt on one’s back and mind is very costly. Avoiding debt is a great stress reducer and a formula for peace of mind.

Blog you later!

My new “other” blog!


Good evening, everyone! I sincerely hope you are doing well.


On a complete whim, tonight I started a new, separate blog for any and all of you out there who might be writers or bloggers yourself. It’s going to be a site chock-full of writing advice, tips, prompts and challenges. So come on over and get inspired.




P.S. I hope to make a new post here this week… possibly focused on the much-beleaguered show known as The Vampire Diaries – and how I would fix that hot mess! Also I plan to update all of you on what’s going on with me personally (ie. have I stuck to my diet plan?!).


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The Best TV Show You’re Not Watching



Gone are the days when one could only find re-runs to watch in the summertime. Now TV is “on” 24/7. With so many shows to choose from and with time being so limited in our rush-rush society, true TV show gems can easily be overlooked. One such TV show already getting lost in the shuffle is “Young and Hungry” starring Emily Osment (best known for her work as Lily on “Hannah Montana”). I, myself, watched “Young and Hungry” on a complete whim but I am so glad that I did. I LOVE it! It is leaps and bounds better than most of the other sitcoms trying to pass themselves off as “comedies” on TV today! I am already addicted to it.


Here are 5 reasons you need to check out this show ASAP.


-Y&H has an utterly charming cast. Every single actor is pitch-perfect. Honestly, I wasn’t a big Emily Osment fan before this show debuted but I am now. She plays the lead character of Gabi to perfection and shows how much her acting skills have improved since her “Hannah Montana” days. All of Gabi’s friends (and foes) are perfectly cast as well. There is not one weak link in the bunch. Betty White is famous for saying you can’t force a cast to have chemistry and she is so right. You either have it or you don’t. Thankfully the “Young and Hungry” cast have IT in spades.


- It’s actually funny. Gasp! A comedy that is actually funny? Who would have thunk it? There are so many sitcoms out today that try so hard to force a laugh out of their viewers that it only gives one a headache, making them wonder why they tuned in at all. Fortunately Y&H’s writers know how to draw laughs from truly organic situations. They don’t need to bring on a whole dog and pony show just to make you laugh. You laugh well, because you can’t help it.


-Major shipping potential. Gabi and her boss Josh are seriously EEEEE-worthy. If you are a ‘fan girl’ by nature, you understand what that means. Emily Osment and Jonathan Sadowski have fabulous chemistry and their characters are so perfectly matched that you know at the end of the day, they belong together. If you are like me and can’t watch a TV show without rooting for at least one fictional couple, then Y&H gives you an excellent new couple to obsess over.


- It’s realistic. Well, as realistic as a TV show full of gorgeous people can be, anyway… Gabi worries about debt, relationships, and her job … Basically, she is muddling through life while trying to better herself. Who can’t relate to that? The show is based on the life of a sassy food blogger named Gabi Moskowitz. Naturally the writers are mining her real-life events to tell the story. Real-life, as we know, is often way funnier than fiction!


-See it for yourself! Seriously, I am giving you a testimonial here but the only way to find out if you truly like the show too, is to watch it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite. We all need something to look forward to each week!


If you watch “Young and Hungry” be sure to let me know what you think of it. Also go ahead and recommend a show in the comments that you love that you wish more people would check out. Thanks for reading!


Here’s a promo for this week’s episode. I can’t wait for it!


Mama Says … Be careful out there!




Daphne and I have recently experienced a couple of unusual firsts in our lives. One is rather comical and the other, downright scary.

You know when you have some information to share with someone, say an employee, and there is good news and bad, you try to figure out what you should do first. Bad news first and make them feel better by giving them good news at the end? Or good news first to make them feel at ease and then deliver the bad news? I guess it can go either way depending on the situation. So what does this have to do with the firsts in our lives? Well, should I do the comical story first and then the serious, or vice versa? My father has this expression: Always leave them laughing.” So I guess I will start with the serious one as a cautionary tale for all you good folks out there, and finish with a little humor.

My daughter, Daphne, (I am sure you know that she’s my daughter by now.) purchases a fair amount of things on the internet. She has never had a problem until she made one recent purchase. She found someone on Facebook who could make edits of a show she was interested in and so Daphne ordered from this woman and paid her a fairly large sum for what she wanted. This was back in early April. She waited and waited and no product arrived. She contacted this woman and very nicely asked when the product would come. Each time the woman made an excuse. First excuse, it’s taking a little extra time. Okay, that’s believable. Second time, going on vacation for 13 days and when I get back I will finish them and get them to you. The edits never came. Daphne’s requests for the item or a refund went unheeded.  Finally, Daphne just wanted the problem over with so she asked for her money back and canceled the edits. No reply from the seller.  Last weekend she sent the seller a straightforward message telling her to refund her money by a certain date and all would be forgotten, otherwise she would take them to small claims court. As Daphne will tell you it wasn’t the money so much as the fact that this woman never kept her end of the bargain.

This woman fired back an e-mail threatening to harm Daphne. Her e-mail said, “Don’t’ mess with me, b—h! Don’t forget I have your address and I know where you live. I’ll mess you up.” Is this really okay to say to someone? Can you believe some people? So, now because of the threat of harm the police are now involved and we are contacting PayPal and Facebook. I don’t know where this is going to end up .I can only hope and pray that this shyster  is just blowing hot air and  has no real intention of acting on her threats.

The point to this story is to keep yourself safe. Only order things through people who have earned a good reputation and have a high level of customer satisfaction. If you smell a rat, go with your gut, and don’t order from or contact them. It is really true that your first inkling, instinct, or gut reaction is the advice to follow. When Daphne ordered the edits from this crooked woman she thought it was odd that the seller requested the payment be listed as a donation, and had a couple of other unusual requests. Daphne’s first reaction – this is strange. Why would she want to do it this way? Sadly, my daughter didn’t go with her first reaction.  Unfortunately, Daphne’s suspicions were true. Please don’t get yourself in a situation like this. It is rather frightening.

Now, on the lighter side… I received a Dear Jane letter and it wasn’t even from a guy! It was from a pen pal! Can you imagine that? I have never been dumped in a letter, text, or e-mail before by anyone for anything. But as they say, there is a first time for everything. (Actually this woman also Dear Janed Daphne as well since they were pen pals, too.)  In her “I’m dumping you” letter she said she enjoyed my letters but she was reducing her pen pal list and so she wrote me out of her life. You know it is serious when someone sends you your address labels back! My offense:  I had taken too long to answer her letter and she felt it showed a lack of interest and devotion on my part. She made it clear that she finds a little time each day to write so why can’t I?

From her letters she is the mother of two wonderful children, happily married, and she goes to the movies frequently because her brother works at the cinema and can get her discount passes. I am happy that she gets the joy of being a stay-at-home mom. I would have loved that when I was raising my children. She made it clear that she was very busy. I believe it.

In my last letter I had apologized for the delay of 1 month in writing to her. I explained I had been sick for a bit there and was finding that life was a little hectic with all that was going on. Let’s see. I work full-time on the graveyard shift, I spend time with my grandchildren whenever I can, my own two children have a lot going on, I volunteer at the library twice a month, and I am very active in my church. In addition, I have been working overtime lately to try and get our finances under control. So, Pen Pal, I am busy, too,

She signed her name at the bottom of the letter and in bold script and underlined (You know it is serious when someone underlines things more than once.) she penned the famous line: No Reply Needed. Yowsa! My children and I are still laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing.

Dear J (aka No Reply Needed); I would recommend a course in tolerance and forgiveness for you. And I hope that it would contain a lesson on not judging people without walking a mile in their moccasins. (And, yes, Pen Pal, I do have moccasins. They were a gift from my dear daughter that you also Dear Janed.) I did enjoy writing to you. I do hope your other pen pals are more “devoted” than I was and that you get all the letters your little heart desires. Just thought I’d let you know how silly and infantile you are.  Remember, life is too short to let little things like this ruin you or a relationship. Best of everything to you and your family.

PS: J – Right back at you: No Reply Needed!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July. Blog you later!

Mama Says … Happy 4th of July!




Happy 4th of July!!

     Don’t you just love this wonderful country that we have the privilege of living in? I am grateful for brave Founding Fathers who sacrificed a lot, many of them their fortunes and their lives, to establish a country founded on strong principles and planted on the soil of freedom. I love this country! I love the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. I am grateful for the privilege of free speech, even though I don’t think free speech should include tearing down our country or burning its flag. I am grateful for freedom of worship, freedom from tyranny, freedom to go where I would like and freedom to make the choices that I think are right.

I am grateful for the privilege of voting. I am grateful for the freedom to support causes I think are worthy and in keeping with the ideals of our Declaration and the Constitution. I am grateful to choose where I want to work and live. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend as much school as I wish. I am grateful for our nation’s military. If it weren’t for our precious veterans and our current military personnel this country would not remain free and independent for long.

I honor the great men who founded our country – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, and on and on. I hope that today, especially, and every day, that we will be good citizens and realize that we are in the best country in the world. I know the United States of America is not perfect, but then it’s only as good as its citizens. I have heard the saying, “America is only as great as she is good.” May we all be the best we can be, be grateful for our country, and keep her strong forever.
Happy Fourth of July! Let the picnics, parades, patriotic songs, and fireworks begin!  Blog You later!

Robin and Patrick are an amazing couple



This is a blog article by a very good friend of mine. I received permission from her to re-blog this. It’s such a good read! Very well thought out and explains why Robin the character is very loved.

Originally posted on General Hospital blog:


Their history and why I love Robin

Robin and Patrick were another amazing couple that went through many heartbreaks but always ended up stronger than ever. I’m going to explain the important aspect of their lives. I’m going to explain how Scrubs used to be and how the current show changed them. In the end, I will also list the 10 reason why I love Robin Scorpio-Drake. Patrick and Robin have been through so much together and their love for each other has grown so much during the years. Their story has lasted for 8 years. We have seen them go through their good and their bad times. We have watched them fall in love, break up, reunite, have a baby and get married.

Patrick and Robin met in December 2005. They didn’t like each other right away but in time you could see how they started to have feelings…

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New Home on the Internet!



Hey, friends, followers, etc.! Just FYI, I have changed servers. That means you can still find me at the same URL ( ) but that I have WAY better features here. I really hope you will follow me via email or otherwise, and let me know what you think of everything. There will be some great new blog posts here. Welcome to our new home in internet-land!